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Many consider the English Premier League to be the best football league in the world. Although Spain’s La Liga also has a strong claim to the title of being the “best” it is an indisputable fact that the Premier League reaches the largest worldwide audience.

Premier League betting news is an area of the news industry which has exploded over the last few years. More bookmakers now offer more bets and more specials than ever before which makes even the slightest piece of Premier League news relevant and interesting.

Premier League betting forms the basis of football betting for bookmakers in the United Kingdom and across Europe and the world. The Premier League is beamed to all corners of the globe on a weekly basis with football fans in Asian, Africa and the Americas tuning in from thousands of miles away.

As the league’s popularity has increased useful snippets of information have become increasingly vital to fans who are looking to back the perfect double, treble or accumulator for a weekend of football action.

Premier League News

Finding a useful resource for Premier League news is a lot more difficult than finding a bookmaker who will offer a Premier League bet. The popularity of Premier League football has resulted in the development of thousands of websites, blogs and news feeds that offer information and opinion on English football top-flight.

Here we aim to collate all the Premier League news that is relevant to those looking to place a bet. For the majority of punters interested in football, news that helps them make a guided decision over their Premier League betting is invaluable.

Premier League Betting News

Betting news for the Premier League will commonly come in the shape of news stories that directly relate to issues surrounding individual clubs. News stories such as injuries to players, head-to-head results, historical statistics and player suspensions allow customers to make calculated decisions over how to approach their bets.

This information is now easily accesible directly to punters through their desktop computer, laptop, mobile phone or tablet. This makes betting news a more easily accessible resource for punters considering where they wish to place thier bets each weekend or midweek.

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