Horse Racing

Latest betting and horse racing odds, tips and racecourse guides for all UK and Irish racing. Find the best available latest odds in flat and national hunt racing from major online bookmakers.

Although a great deal of betting has moved online or at the very least off-track, anyone betting horse racing will go into decline is simply not paying attention. With the enormous profit potential available to sports investors and the endless varieties of bets to be placed, horse racing remain extremely popular. As evidenced by the millions of pounds wagered annually, punters never seem to tire of this tried and true challenge.

Now, anyone can bet on football, and millions do. It’s a popular sport and readily understood by the masses. Betting horse racing, on the other hand, is more complex. It takes study and rewards attention to details. There are variables the likes of which football has never seen, and to be successful betting horse racing each combination needs to be explored.

However, the many combinations available mean that few single investors can specialise across the board. Yet with deep knowledge leading to noticeable advantages at the track, the serious wagerer tends to choose an area of focus and study it extensively. Some bet only on favourites, whilst others prefer to research particular breeding houses and follow their fortunes obsessively. Still others ignore the horses in favour of learning the jockeys. Are they calm under stress? Can they maintain weight? What tricks seem apparent for earning a victory?

Even with the horses and jockeys reasonably well-known, there is still the betting field to decipher when betting. Horse racing, over and above other sports, has a mind numbing set of betting combinations available. Even the names are a mystery to the uninitiated: Parlay, Super-Yankee, Quiniela, Superfecta. It is best to get hold of a terminology guide before heading to the track bookmakers will expect punters to place bets using the proper phrases, and in the furious flurry of pre-race betting on the track patience can be in short order.

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